Public Art

Welcome to the City of Covington’s Public Arts page.

The arts enrich the lives of our citizens, as well as visitors, making our hometown a place we can be proud of – someplace more than a place to sleep or shop. 

In Covington, you can take in a summer concert in the park, stumble across a photographer’s booth at Covington Days, create a “take home” craft at KidsFest, share in your child’s delight at having their artistic achievement displayed at a local business, pose for a photo by SeaHorse, or review the art on the walls at City Hall.  And while these are all delightful experiences, it’s our desire that your quality of life be even more impacted by a greater presence of art in our community.

Click on the links to learn more about Public Art in Covington and our plans for the future.  See how you can further appreciate the arts here and discover ways that you can help our community continue to offer artistic experiences and grow to foster a thriving art scene.

Covington Public Art Catalog
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