Community Development

Welcome to the Community Development Department where we offer services to people considering or involved in the development of land and buildings within our City. These services include providing information, permits, land use review, and inspections for a range of development activities related to building and fire safety, civil construction and land use.

Our goal is to effectively assist clients in maintaining, improving and developing their properties consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and other adopted community standards.

For information on current commercial and residential development projects, view our Development Activity Report.

Non-emergency code violations may be reported via Covington Connects
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Interactive Development Map

Information on commercial & residential projects:

  • Go to City of Covington website:
  • Scroll to the Popular Links section.
  • Click Interactive Development Map.

Information & documents on permits & land use projects:

  • Go to Citizens Connect: Permits.CovingtonWA.Gov/Citizen.
  • Scroll to the Search for a Permit section.
  • Search by address or permit number.
  • Schedule an inspection

Planning & permitting inquiries:

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Citizen Connect

Apply Online – Use Citizens Connect:

  • Go to Citizens Connect: Permits.CovingtonWA.Gov/Citizen.
  • Apply for an-Apply online for building, mechanical, or plumbing permits.
  • Look up a permit
  • Make a payment
  • Upload a document

Apply for Permits In-Person - By Appointment Only:
Permit Counter Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Schedule your appointment:
Call:(253) 480-2400, dial 0 to speak with a receptionist.

How is it to work with the City of Covington? Here's what some folks have to say:

          "As you most likely know we just completed a new car wash project in your city. I have been dealing with the City of Covington's planning department staff for the last two years.  Specifically I have dealt with Salina, Kelly, Nelson, Robert, and Greg, as well as the front reception staff.

I am writing to inform you that every single one of these people were wonderful to work with.  They always treated me with respect and courtesies that are most definitely uncommon in the planning departments of  other Cities I have dealt with.  While they did not always provide me with answers I wanted regarding; process timeline, fees, code interpretations, etc, they ALWAYS treated me with respect and were understanding of my position.  They helped me understand the process I was going through, what would be next in that process, and what I needed to provide them so that delays were minimized.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with these people, and I would highly recommend to any developer that they look at the City of Covington as a destination for any project, as you are all forward thinking courteous people. Great job to ALL!!!!"

Mike Hakala
Elephant Car Washes  


"We had a very good experience opening our location in Covington in the summer/fall of 2008.

Given the scope of our project and the excitement that was generated in the community with news of our arrival, I was pleased at the ease at which we were able to contact and talk with the city about various items that come up as a result of the construction process.

We worked hand in hand with the city during the final days of preparation to ensure the opening day and its challenges went off without a problem. We set opening day record sales for Northern division warehouses at that point since our company’s opening in 1983.  I was relieved from the seat of the general manager to see the relationship between Costco, our general contractor and the city work well during the construction process."

Tom Olssen, General Manager
Covington Costco


"Our staff and our customers cannot be more excited to be a part of this great city.  Every day I have customers come to me and explain how excited they are to have a Home Depot in their neighborhood.  Not only is it a testament to the City of Covington’s commitment to bring more jobs to the community, but it also gives the citizens a choice of where shop, eat and play." 

William W. Haytack, Store Manager
Covington Home Depot