Examples of shoreline development types and regulations (see SMP for all applicable regulations):


Permitted only in the Shoreline Residential Environment on Pipe Lake.

  • Requires a Shoreline Exemption Permit if the cost of construction does not exceed $10,000, but if subsequent construction having a fair market value exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) occurs within five years of completion of the prior construction, the subsequent construction shall be considered a substantial development.
  • New docks shall be allowed only for public access and water-dependent uses.
  • On lots with less than 50 feet of waterfront, shared piers/docks shall be required except when both lots abutting the subject lot have legal pre-existing docks and the applicant demonstrates that a shared use agreement is not feasible.
  • The length of the dock shall be minimized; the maximum waterward intrusion as measured from the OHWM is limited to 40 feet for a single family property or 50 feet for a joint use dock used by two or more residential property owners or 80 feet for a pier that allows public access.
  • Maximum width of walkways and fingers or ells shall be minimized. Walkways must be fully grated and ells must have a minimum 2-foot strip of grating down the center.
  • Total surface coverage (including walkways, ramps, floats, fingers and ells) is 400 sq. ft. for a single property owner, 600 sq. ft for a joint use structure and 800 sq. ft. for a pier that allows public access. Ells and fingers may not exceed 120 sq. ft. within that maximum surface coverage limitation.
  • Boathouses are not permitted
  • Boatlifts, moorage piles and moorage covers are not permitted.

Single Family Residence

Permitted in the High Intensity, Medium Intensity, Shoreline Residential and Urban Conservancy shoreline environments subject to critical area requirements. 

  • Requires a Shoreline Exemption Permit for single family residences intended for owner occupation. A substantial development permit is required for all residential construction not indented for an individual’s personal use.
  • Single family residential structures may not be constructed within the 115 standard shoreline buffer‡ measured from the OHWM.
  • An additional 15 ft building setback is required from the landward edge of the required 115 ft shoreline buffer

However, single family residential development in the urban conservancy shoreline environment requires a Conditional Use within the Big Soos Creek SMA and is prohibited with the Pipe Lake SMA.

Buffer widths may be reduced by the Shoreline administrator pursuant to the SMP subject to critical area provisions of the SMP and when impacts are fully mitigated.