Police E-Alerts

08/27/14 - Covington police want the public to be aware of at least two types of phone scams currently going on in the area.

1. Scammers are posing as federal agencies like the FBI, IRS, CIA, ATF and others and telling citizens they owe money. Please be aware that none of these agencies would call you to ask for money. If someone says they are, it is a scam.

2. Scammers are calling individuals and informing them they have won a sweepstakes that they didn't even enter. These scammers ask for an amount of money to either pay attorney's fees for the paperwork to be completed or to pay the taxes on the money that you've won. This is a scam.

If you receive a call on either your cell phone or home phone (they call both) and anything seems out of the ordinary, hang up. It is possible to do an internet search on the phone number if you want to be sure. Sometimes the scammers are using phone banks, but you can often find reports online from other victims.

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