Police Citizen Volunteer Program


Covington Police are currently taking applications for volunteers!

Covington police have developed a new Citizen Police Volunteer Program and are reaching out to members of the community that are interested in helping deter criminal activity.

Citizens interested in participating in the volunteer program are urged to complete the volunteer application packet and be interviewed by a panel consisting of the police chief, a police department member and a human resources representative. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and applicants must also clear a criminal history background check.

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Volunteer Application Form

The City of Covington currently employs 10 patrol officers, one traffic officer, one detective and a police chief. The police department hopes that having volunteers will provide assistance to those officers by adding a visible presence in neighborhoods, parks, streets and business areas in Covington.

To start, volunteers will perform vacation house checks and patrol city parks. As the program expands, they may assist with the Covington Days Parade, crime prevention services, National Night Out activities, graffiti assistance, and more.

“The new program provides the opportunity for citizens to participate in activities to improve their community and the livability of its neighborhoods,” said Covington’s Police Chief Kevin Klason.

Training will be provided to volunteers that successfully complete the application process. The training includes review of the Covington Volunteer Handbook, use of city-owned vehicles, the police volunteer training curriculum, and a tour of city parks and neighborhoods.

For more information, please contact Covington’s Police Chief Kevin Klason at (253) 480-2430.