Operations and Maintenance


Maintaining and Improving

The Operations & Maintenance (O & M) Division of Public Works is responsible for street maintenance, surface water maintenance and parks maintenance. Covington has a mixed service approach to these functions in that the maintenance is provided both by in-house staff and service providers. The following items are handled by O & M:

Dump Truck

  • Street maintenance
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Vegetation maintenance
  • Litter debris removal
  • Sidewalk maintenance
  • Striping and pavement markings
  • Signs maintenance
  • Traffic signal maintenance
  • Street landscaping
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Facility maintenance

The City oversees contracts for street sweeping, storm sewer cleaning, landscape maintenance, large patching and shoulder repairs, sign and signal maintenance and fleet maintenance. The in-house team responds to all immediate needs and provides general services in all other areas. 

  Operations & Maintenance Division Mission Statement
To pursue a proactive, preventative, customer-service approach
to infrastructure maintenance using a combination of approaches that will provide a clean, safe and well maintained community in which the citizens of Covington are proud to live and work.

Emergency Callout

The City of Covington Public Works Department will respond to citizen action requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year in order to better serve its citizens and protect against injury, liability and infrastructure damage.

The following are considered emergency items:

  • Hazardous material spills (any size)
  • Downed signs (Stop, Yield, Do Not Enter, Wrong Way or One Way Only)
  • Any flooding or drainage system failures and water over roadway
  • Any water running in our parks or buildings
  • Slippery conditions/ice/snow
  • Traffic signals or crosswalk lights out (City owned)
  • Landslides
  • Downed trees
  • Downed power lines (we do not respond to the power complaint, just to secure the area for public safety)
  • Any traffic obstruction
  • Major weather event
  • Natural or man made disaster (first responder)