Downtown Plan


In 2009, Covington completed and began implementing a new downtown plan and zoning study to set a new course and vision for the community. 

Planned improvements to Covington’s downtown infrastructure include a comprehensive program to enhance safety and design, and improve access management along with new pedestrian upgrades.  The majority of these improvements are occurring along the major transportation corridor within the city, which also provides access to downtown business districts.   Outlying street enhancements are planned for the future.  These include widening primarily residential streets and modifying the intersection adjacent to the new fire station at SE 256th Street. 

This plan addresses core economic development and land use goals:    

  • Identify a new town center site
  • Make strategic town center investments
  • Improve vehicular linkages
  • Develop a parking study
  • Provide greater pedestrian connections
  • Establish new street and building design standards
  • Consider and support Covington as a regional transportation focal point

The outcome of the downtown plan and zoning study is a proposal for a dynamic town center that includes retail, office, residential and communal gathering spaces, and provides for development-friendly zoning and transportation requirements as well as improved surrounding areas.

[Downtown Study / Town Center Concept PDF]