Guiding Principals


Vision:  Covington has unmatched quality of life.

Mission:  Covington is a place where community members, business and civic leaders work together with citizens to preserve and foster a strong sense of community.


  • Economic Development: Encourage and support a business community that is committed to Covington for the long-term and offers diverse products and services, family wage jobs, and a healthy tax base to support public services.
  • Downtown: Establish downtown Covington as a vibrant residential, commercial, social, and cultural gathering place that is safe, pedestrian-friendly, thoughtfully designed, and well maintained.
  • Youth and Families: Provide city services, programs and facilities such as parks, recreation, and human services that emphasize and meet the needs of Covington’s youth and families.
  • Neighborhoods: Establish and maintain neighborhoods that offer a variety of housing options that are diverse, safe, accessible, and well designed.
  • Municipal Services:  Plan, develop, implement and maintain high quality capital infrastructure and services that reflect the needs of a growing community.
  • Customer Service: Recruit, support, and retain a professional team of employees, volunteers, and stakeholders who offer outstanding customer service, ensure stewardship of the public’s money, and promote the city.


There are unique opportunities ahead for Covington.  These include retail expansion, high wage employment growth, hotel, banquet and entertainment venues, mixed-use development and a strengthened community identity.  In addition, the downtown study has shed light on a number of the city’s key strengths and weaknesses.