Smart Growth/Land Use


Covington’s commercial area is 523 acres.  To ensure smart growth, the City Council adopted a Comprehensive Plan in 2003.  In 2009, the city added an Economic Development Element to the Comprehensive Plan.  On the heels of this planning process, the city launched its Downtown Plan and Zoning Study to encourage mixed-use development in downtown in 2009.  The study aims to provide better urban form and pedestrian connections in Covington’s downtown area, while developing a public gathering place with a unique sense of place.  The goal is to continue to build on the existing synergy in the city’s thriving retail community and augment it with civic amenities and additional strategic retail growth. 

In February 2009, the City Council approved a master plan for Covington Community Park.  The city has developed a Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan to guide the development of a recreation system that meets community needs and lays out the costs and a timeline for achieving priorities over the next six to ten years.

The city continues to build stronger relationships with independent service providers such Covington Water District and Soos Creek Sewer and Water District.  These enhanced partnerships will foster improved future development. 

Land Use

Within the city’s boundaries, there are about 440 acres available for commercial development and redevelopment.  The city has two potential annexation areas, totaling 335 acres that provide an opportunity for new economic development and employment.