Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement

Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement
Zoning of Subarea

On April 25, 2017, the Covington City Council adopted Ordinance 02-2017.  Exhibit A of Ordinance 02-2017 is the Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement.

Development Agreement (745 pages 42 MB file size) 
Exhibit A City of Covington 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element
Exhibit B Covington Municipal Code Title 18
Exhibit C Planned Action Ordinance (which includes the Planned Action EIS)
Exhibit D Lakepointe Urban Village Legal Description
Exhibit E Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea Plan
Exhibit F Survey of Lakepointe Urban Village
Exhibit G Lakepointe Zoning Map Amendment
Exhibit H Lakepointe Boundary Line Adjustment
Exhibit I Critical Areas Study (Wetlands & Streams and Geological Hazard Areas)
Exhibit J Lakepointe Master Development Plan
Exhibit K Lakepointe Master Circulation Plan
Exhibit L Lakepointe Phasing Map
Exhibit M Lakepointe Connector Building Frontage Deviation
Exhibit N Lakepointe Tree Base Canopy Area
Exhibit O DNR Reclamation Permit
Exhibit P Subarea Design Standards
Exhibit Q Green Space Buffer
Exhibit R Unopened Right-of-Way 
Exhibit S Transportation Mitigation Exhibit
Exhibit T Lakepointe Master Trails Plan

Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement
Draft PA EIS (PDF 15MB) issued 6/26/13
Final PA EIS (PDF 14MB) issued 11/14/2013
Adoption of the PA EIS and Addendum - related to Development Agreement (issued 3/24/17)
Addendum -related to noise (issued 4/11/17)