Planning & Development


Current Projects
Projects are funded through City Council approved operating and capital budgets with the use of general funds, grants and donations. Learn more about our funding sources, public involvement and other project details.

Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) (1MB PDF)
The Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) lists all park and facility projects considered for the next 6-years. The majority of these projects entail the acquisition and development of parks, renovating or repairing existing facilities, and expanding trail corridors.

Parks, Recreation & Opens Space (PROS) Plan (53MB PDF)
The City's Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan establishes a road map for providing high quality, community-driven parks
, trails, natural areas and recreation services throughout Covington. The most recent PROS Plan update was completed in 2016.

Plans and Policies
Park development plans and policies are developed in response to park system needs, changing technology, increasing population and other changes in our community.