About the Ambassador

Introducing the new Covington Creek Chameleon!CovingtonCC_Blu_Bshirt

The creation of Covington’s new ambassador was an initiative adopted by CEDC and approved by the Covington City Council for the 2018 CEDC Work Plan. The process included the development of a 15-member steering committee comprised of Covington residents, commission members, business people from the community, and city staff.

The Mascot Steering Committee considered the city’s history, researched mascots from around the country, held multiple brainstorming sessions, and ultimately determined that a fanciful new creature would best represent Covington. The committee chose to create the Covington Creek Chameleon not simply as a mascot, but as a friendly ambassador for a city “growing toward greatness.”

“CEDC wanted to develop an ambassador as a means for the city to connect and engage with kids and families, promote city attractions, and help communicate city messages,” said CEDC Co-chair Josh Lyons. “The chameleon is incredibly adaptable and unique, as is Covington and its residents, and it will be a great ambassador.”

Name suggestions will be compiled and considered by CEDC and the City Council before the annual Covington Days Festival, where the new ambassador will participate and the name will be announced in the parade on Saturday, July 20 at 10 a.m.