Report an Animal Nuisance

Animal control services in Covington are provided by the Regional Animal Services of King County. For service, including animal complaints, please call 206-296-PETS (7387) or email

Problems or concerns about wildlife should be directed to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife at (425) 775-1311.

*The information below is taken from the Regional Animal Services of King County Animal Complaint Tips Document, click here for the full document.

People living in urban and suburban areas throughout King County and its cities can expect to live with some level of noise. Even rural areas can be impacted by noises. Traffic, neighborhood children, lawn mowers, construction, barking dogs or other animal noises are just a few examples. As a resident of any area you are expected to tolerate most of these noises, within reason, without complaint. However, with pet noises that are excessive or continuous, there is something you can do.

Handling Barking or Noise Nuisances
If the excessive or continuous noise is from a barking dog or other noisy animal, Regional Animal Services of King County offers the following information for addressing the situation:

1. Communicate with the Pet owner(s)
First, speak with the owners of the pet about the problem. Do not wait until you are totally frustrated. Often, neighborly discussions can be very helpful. Let the pet owners know that you are disturbed by the noise. Sometimes pet owners are not aware of the problem or the impacts on other residents. Try to work out a mutually agreeable and reasonable solution in a neighborly manner. Offer suggestions or alternatives that will help reduce the disturbance during times of the day or night that you are bothered. Allow a reasonable time for a remedy by the pet owner. Also, make note of your contacts with the pet owner and responses you received, as we will want that documented in the packet we mail you (see below, #3.)

2. Submit a
If you have tried to solve the problem through communications with the pet owner, and you continue to be disturbed by excessive animal noise, and you have identified other neighbors that are also disturbed, Regional Animal Services of King County is prepared to assist you. The first step is to file a complaint form. Please note that this complaint form does not replace the "petition" form we will also ask you to complete (see next section.) Both forms will assist us by providing the information we need.

There are different ways to submit a complaint form:
  • Complaints about barking dogs or other nuisance animal noises can be submitted by calling 206-296-PETS (7387), extension 24. The phone hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Hard-copy complaints can be faxed to 206-205-8043, using the complaint form.
  • Or, you can mail the completed form to King County Animal Care and Control, 21615 - 64th Ave. S, Kent, WA 98032. When you call to submit a complaint, please be prepared to provide the following information: Your (complainant) name, phone number and address; the name and address of the owner of the noisy animal; a description of the animal(s) causing the noise; and a brief description of the problem. 

When you call in a complaint, you will be provided with a Case Number. Write this number down and reference it on further communications with Regional Animal Services about this problem.

3. Complete Documentation
In order to show that a violation truly exists, proof is required to demonstrate that the noise is occurring to an "unreasonable" degree, and to provide a valid basis for Regional Animal Services enforcement action. That is why it is so important that you document the nature and the extent of the problem. If you can videotape the barking dog, do so.

For example, when multiple neighbors sign the petition form, it provides important evidence that the animal noise is unreasonable and not simply troubling one individual. Also, if documentation shows that you have logged extended periods of persistent noise, especially during night or early morning hours, that documentation can provide further evidence that a violation may be occurring. Be thorough and honest in your documentation.

Sometimes the animal owners will take some action to fix the problem once they have been notified by Animal Care and Control, and following conversations with neighbors who are bothered. Again, allow a reasonable time for the pet owner to implement a remedy. If the Animal Care and Control letter and your neighborly communications do not address the problem, further action will be taken.