Swimming Lesson Fees

Swimming lessons run in sessions, with fees based upon the number of classes in a session. Sessions are generally 8-class days, or 10-class days in the summer. Some classes may skip a day due to a scheduled holiday or event, but participants are not charged for these non-class days. We do not offer any refunds or makeup classes for missed classes. 

Swimming Lesson Fees                           

Learn-to-Swim / Preschool Aquatics (30-minute classes)

      $82 for 8-class sessions

Parent & Child (30-minute classes)

      $60 for 8-class sessions

Competition (1-hour classes)

      $128 for 8-class sessions

Adult Swim Training (1-hour classes)

      $82.00 for 8-class sessions

Class Sizes:
Learn-to-Swim classes have a maximum of 6 students per instructor
Preschool Aquatics classes have a maximum of 5 students per instructor.

For more information about classes, or to register, please visit our Swimming Lessons page.