Seahorse Swim Clinics

We are holding Swim Team Clinics leading up to our regular season where swimmers will practice technique drills and endurance sets, racing starts, competitive turns and finish with some dry-land exercises.

The dates for these clinics are:
Saturday, May 11 | 12-1pm | Emphasis - Basic Freestyle
Saturday, May 18 | 12-1pm | Emphasis - Driving with Kick
Saturday, June 1 | 12-1pm | Emphasis - Backstroke
Saturday, June 8 | 12-1pm | Emphasis - Swimming "Legal"
Saturday, June 15 | 12-1pm | Emphasis - Starts & Breakouts
Saturday, June 22 | 12-1pm | Emphasis - Prep for Competition

If you would like your swimmers to start gearing up before the season starts, these clinics are great opportunities! Clinics include both in-water training, as well as on-land conditioning training and swimming instruction. Coaches will provide training recommendations for participants to continue practicing on their own between clinics or before the season starts!

You can register online, over-the-phone (253.480.2480), or in-person at the Covington Aquatic Center for the Summer Swim Team League or the Seahorse Swim Clinics!

Register for the Seahorses Summer Swim Team