Covington City Hall Art Display

Covington City Hall Art Display

The City of Covington opened its City Hall Art Gallery in 2004.  Since that time, over 100 local artists and groups have displayed their artwork in the gallery.   The City of Covington Art Gallery is located in City Hall at 16720 SE 271st Street, Suite 100.  Artwork may be viewed Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. There is a 26' wall designated for art in the City Council Chambers. In addition, there are two track systems behind the Permit Center counter in the Covington City Hall lobby.  One is 13 feet long and the other is 4.5 feet long, for a total of 17.5 feet. Please note that the City Council Chambers is a public meeting space and may not always be available for viewing artwork during the hours indicated.  Please call (253) 480-2400 for a current viewing schedule.

July Display Artist
Emily White 

Nature surrounds us on the daily and Emily finds herself mesmerized by it. She's come to find
that when she looks to nature for inspiration in art making, the art speaks volumes. Looking
into the finer details of the structures of an organism, and understanding how they
come together to form a functioning creature or plant is fascinating. In studying natural
science illustration, Emily's art has taken on more detail, while remaining true to what she
want to show the world.
Emily's current projects revolve around her Natural Science Illustration certificate program.
She's been studying and illustrating wildlife and plant life. These paintings and drawings
are highly detailed and aim to capture the subject as closely to life as possible, while
still maintaining the individuality of her own style.
Works outside of the certificate program are mainly oil paintings. Often these have a
surrealistic quality, and are highly dynamic and expressive. Emily always aims to include personal
details in her works, so that they hold a special importance. She hopes that
adding personal touches will help the viewer engage more fully with her artwork.

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