Incorporation/First Council

On November 5, 1996, area residents considered the "Covington Incorporation" - a proposal to incorporate the area commonly known as Covington as a non-charter code city under council-manager form of government. The proposition was a successful one, with 73% voting for incorporation and 27% voting against incorporation.

The first City Council for the City of Covington was elected in April 1997. Ballots counting began by King County elections on April 22, 1997. The new city council assumed duties on May 3, 1997 with Pat Sullivan being selected as the city's first mayor and Geoff Simpson as mayor pro-tem. Pat Nevins was selected as Covington's first City Manager on September 16, 1997. He also doubled as the city's first public works director.

Covington's First City Council:
Pat Sullivan - Mayor
Geoff Simpson - Mayor Pro-Tem
Phil Christopherson
Rebecca Clark
Jesse Ackerson
Michael Douglass
Alice Matz

As a new city with limited funds to start, the city opted to contract with the King County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement services which also offered access to county resources including helicopters, SWAT teams, etc. King County Sergeant Debbie Huntsinger was appointed the city's first police chief, heading a four-officer and one detective police force.