Emergency Management


Welcome to the City of Covington's Emergency Management Program. This page contains emergency management information, resource lists, and education programs for businesses and residents. It also contains information about the organization of the Emergency Management Division in the Public Works Department for businesses, residents and emergency management professionals. The Covington Municipal Code establishes the Emergency Management Department and the Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) within the purview of the City Manager. The Emergency Management Director has been designated by the City Manager and is designated to coordinate emergency preparedness and management activities within the City of Covington.

The Emergency Management Division of the City of Covington is charged with carrying out the following program:

  1. Coordinate the maintenance and exercising of the City's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which provides the framework for organizational activities during disaster operations.
  2. Develop and maintain a Hazard Mitigation Plan of the City's All Hazard Mitigation Element, which provides the framework for organizational activities to eliminate or address know hazard areas.
  3. Provide a community education and preparedness program for the residential, school, and business communities to assist them in developing self-sufficiency.
  4. Provide assistance to City departments in training activities for the development of contract-responder capabilities. Foster an atmosphere of interagency cooperation within the City of Covington and with community support groups, adjacent jurisdictions as well as county, state, and federal agencies.