Public Works

Mission Statement: 

Serving the community by fostering a sustainable environment that will have a lasting positive legacy. 

The Covington Public Works Department takes great pride in serving this community in the best way possible.  The Department is divided into three divisions to work together to assure all of the facets are supported (Engineering, Operations and Maintenance and Administration).

The Engineering Division oversees the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) such as the following projects:  SE 272nd Street between Jenkins Creek and 185th Place SE and the recently completed 156th Avenue SE Pavement Rehabilitation project. They are also responsible for the storm water management program, design and construction standards, traffic operations and GIS mapping.  The Engineering Division is staffed by four people with support from consultants.

The Operations and Maintenance Division focuses on keeping the city infrastructure clean and operational.  This includes streets, signs, parks, surface water and fleet maintenance.  The Operations and Maintenance staff of five is supported by various contractors and volunteers.

The Administration Division is responsible for supporting the other divisions in record keeping, correspondence and other needed tasks.  They are also responsible for information technology (IT), preparing and monitoring the budget, coordinating recycling events, groundbreaking ceremonies, ribbon cutting ceremonies, volunteer clean-up events, website updates for the department, producing emergency plans, implementing emergency plans during events, and providing the background to FEMA to recover funds after an emergency. The Administration Division is staffed by three people with support from consultants.


Know what's below.  Call 811 before you dig.

Two business days before you start digging:
CALL 811 to speak to a live person that will take down your project details; it takes about 10 minutes. Or - BYPASS the call center and complete the process online via Itic; an Option that Allows You to Enter Your Call Before You Dig request Online from any device that gives you access to the internet. No Waiting on phone.