Arts Commission

To represent the community interest in matters of art.

MEETINGS: Second Thursday of Each Month, 6:30 p.m.
TERMS: Three Years
STAFF CONTACT: Pat Patterson,, 253.480.2482
LINKS: Agendas and Minutes

POS. 1 (exp. 5/31/22) - Marita Ledesma, Chair
POS. 2 (exp. 5/31/22) - Marrina Vaessen
POS. 3 (exp. 5/31/23) - Vacant
POS. 4 (exp. 5/31/21) - Lilianna Fernandez, Youth
POS. 5 (exp. 5/31/21) - Cindy Bell
POS. 6 (exp. 5/31/21) - Jessica Breeden, Secretary
POS. 7 (exp. 5/31/21) - Patti Melton, Vice Chair 

The Arts Commission plans events like the annual student art show and city hall display artists. They also participate in selecting art for projects like utility boxes and parks, and participate in special events like Covington Days.

The Arts Commission consists of seven members appointed by the City Council, two of which may be youth members who must be between the ages of 14 and 18 at the start of their terms.  Up to two of the members may reside outside the City, but those outside must reside within a three-mile radius of city limits. The remaining five members must work or reside within the City limits. Positions are three year terms, except youth positions are one year terms.

The Arts Commission shall act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and may study, analyze and report as requested by the City Council and may perform the following functions in order to provide leadership in the arts:

  1. Keep the City Council informed in matters of arts, and represent community interest in matters of art;

  2. Serve as the central commission to whom individuals and groups may bring their concerns and ideas with regard to the arts;

  3. Seek to enlarge the art consciousness of Covington;

  4. Encourage multi-age working, sharing, learning and teaching in the arts;

  5. Provide recognition and encouragement to local artists, both those established and those as yet unrecognized;

  6. Explore financing for acquisition of art objects, art activities and capital improvements for the arts in Covington;

  7. Establish a long-range plan for the development and operation of a cultural center;

  8. Preparation of a public involvement program that solicits volunteer support and encourages public participation in the implementation and operation of Covington’s comprehensive arts program;

  9. Develop, implement and review a comprehensive community arts program and annual work plan;

  10. Present monthly commission meeting reports to the City Council at the first regular City Council meeting following the regular monthly commission meeting;

  11. Review the suitability of any work of art intended as a gift to the City;

  12. Such other and further responsibilities as may be assigned to the Commission by the City Council, from time to time. Covington Municipal Code (CMC) 2.70