Parks and Recreation Commission

To prepare and review parks plans including long range planning, capital funding, master plans, acquisition and more. 

MEETINGS: Third Wednesday of Each Month, 6 p.m.
TERMS: Three Years
STAFF CONTACT: Ethan Newton,, 253.480.2481
LINKS: Agendas and Minutes

POS. 1 (exp. 1/31/2023) - Robert Poole
POS. 2 (exp. 1/31/2023) - Steve Pand
POS. 3 (exp. 1/31/2024) - Jenny Baker
POS. 4 (exp. 1/31/2024) - Jeff Powell
POS. 5 (exp. 1/31/2022) - Laura Morrissey, Chair
POS. 6 (exp. 1/31/2024) - Amy Arnold
POS. 7 (exp. 1/31/2022) - Thomas Russell, Vice-Chair

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of seven members appointed by the City Council. Each position shall have a term of office for three years.

The Parks and Recreation Commission may study, investigate, counsel and develop and/or update written plans for the provision of recreational programming and development of parks and other natural resources within the City, taking into consideration the requirements of all grant fund agencies. Further, the commission may be responsible for the following:

  1. Preparing and/or reviewing the long range park, recreation and open space plan for the City of Covington;
  2. Proposed land acquisitions, easements and leases;
  3. Specific park master plans and related public involvement;
  4. Partnership and intergovernmental agreements pertaining to park, recreation and natural resources;
  5. Major policies related to the management and operation of the City'’s park and recreation system;
  6. Major policies related to the provision of recreational programming including, but not limited to, athletics, aquatics, recreation and special events;
  7. Long-term funding and financing to implement and manage the City's park, recreation and natural resource system;
  8. Preparation of a capital improvement plan that identifies funded priority projects;
  9. Preparation of a public involvement program that solicits volunteer support and encourages public participation in the implementation and operation of Covington'’s park system;
  10. Developing, implementing and reviewing a comprehensive community forestry program, including tree management and Arbor Day activities, and annual work plan;
  11. Submitting periodic reports to the City Council setting forth its progress in completing its work program for the current fiscal year. The chairperson of the Parks and Recreation Commission or designee is encouraged to regularly present updates to the City Council at the first regular City Council meeting or study session after each Parks and Recreation Commission meeting;
  12. Reviewing and updating the departmental six year strategic plan, youth athletic handbook and recreation comprehensive plan;
  13. Such other and further responsibilities as may be assigned to the commission by the City Council, from time to time. Covington Municipal Code (CMC) 2.45