Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement


Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement
Zoning of Subarea

On April 25, 2017, the Covington City Council adopted Ordinance 02-2017.  Exhibit A of Ordinance 02-2017 is the Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement.

Development Agreement (745 pages 42 MB file size) 
Exhibit A City of Covington 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Element
Exhibit B Covington Municipal Code Title 18
Exhibit C Planned Action Ordinance (which includes the Planned Action EIS)
Exhibit D Lakepointe Urban Village Legal Description
Exhibit E Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea Plan
Exhibit F Survey of Lakepointe Urban Village
 Annual Reports
     Section 36 of the Lakepointe Urban Village Development Agreement outlines the requirements for an annual report to be submitted to the City by the Master Developer and presented to the City Council.
Exhibit G Lakepointe Zoning Map Amendment
Exhibit H Lakepointe Boundary Line Adjustment
Exhibit I Critical Areas Study (Wetlands & Streams and Geological Hazard Areas)
Exhibit J Lakepointe Master Development Plan
Exhibit K Lakepointe Master Circulation Plan
Exhibit L Lakepointe Phasing Map
Exhibit M Lakepointe Connector Building Frontage Deviation
Exhibit N Lakepointe Tree Base Canopy Area
Exhibit O DNR Reclamation Permit
Exhibit P Subarea Design Standards
Exhibit Q Green Space Buffer
Exhibit R Unopened Right-of-Way 
Exhibit S Transportation Mitigation Exhibit
Exhibit T Lakepointe Master Trails Plan

2013 Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement
Draft PA EIS (PDF 15MB) issued 6/26/13
Final PA EIS (PDF 14MB) issued 11/14/2013
Adoption of the PA EIS and Addendum - related to Development Agreement (issued 3/24/17)
Addendum -related to noise (issued 4/11/17)
Adoption of Existing Environmental Document & Addendum - related to granting of a Noise Waiver (issued 6/10/19)
Draft Supplemental PA EIS & Appendices issued 2/2/2021 - related to Comprehensive Plan amendment (LA18-0002)  to increase Subarea development thresholds 
Background information and the history behind the planning efforts in the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea (formerly known as the Hawk Property) can be found here. 

 Permits & Land Use Actions associated with the approved Development Agreement:
LA18-0002 - Comprehensive Plan Amendment to increase the allowed development thresholds within the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea. 

LU18-0011 - Major Tree Clearing Permit to allow the removal of 14 trees and habitat snagging 4 other trees within the green space buffer along the south border of the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea. Each tree will be removed and replaced at a 1:1 ratio with native trees resistant to root rot disease. This is being done consistent with the requirement of Section 19.2.6 of the Lakepointe Development Agreement. 

B19-0075 - Building permit for a 16' tall, 550' long noise wall being constructed to mitigate potential noise impacts from a City Manger approved waiver to allow extended work hours to import fill at night for a DNR Reclamation Permit(#70-011068 Black River S&G). 
Application documents can be viewed at:  (Search permit # LU18-XXX).