Local Utilities

Local Utilities Serving Covington Residents
*Please note that we do not include third party listings on our website.
We only list organizations that we contracts with, are city partners, or are city-related or sponsored.

Comcast Corporation (Cable)

P.O. Box 5187
Everett, Washington 98206-5187

Covington Water District
18631 SE 300th Place
Kent, Washington 98042

Water District #111
27224 144th Avenue SE
Kent, Washington 98042

Soos Creek Water & Sewer District
14616 SE 192nd Street
Renton, Washington 98058

Puget Sound Energy (Power & Gas)
888-321-7779 New Customer Service
888-225-5773 Power Outages & Gas Leaks
800-424-5555 Underground Utilities Locating

Century Link (Telephone and Data Communications)
800-244-1111 Residential Sales & Service
800-603-6000 Business Sales &Service
800-573-1311 24-Hour Residential Repair
800-954-1211 24-Hour Business Repair
800-424-5555 Buried Cable Location
800-223-3131 TTY/Voice

Republic Services (Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling)
22010 76th Avenue South
Kent, Washington 98032

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County
(Household Hazardous Waste Disposal and Recycling)
206-296-4692 or http://www.lhwmp.org/home/HHW/disposal-locations.aspx