Notice of Decision for Hansen Code Variance - Adequacy of Sewage Disposal


 Application Name:   Hansen Code Variance- Adequacy of Sewage Disposal

File Number:             LU18-0019

Primary Contact:      James Hansen

Date of Decision:      October 15, 2018

Decision:                   Variance approved with conditions.

Project Location:      The subject property is located at 24229 SE 183rd Ave and consists of Parcel No. 7785400070.  The site is situated in the NW Quarter of Section 19, Township 22N and Range 6E in the City of Covington, King County, WA.

Project Description:The applicant is requesting a code variance from the requirement to connect to public sewer. Pursuant to CMC 18.75.030 Adequacy of Sewage Disposal and CMC 13.10.040(2)(b) Development proposals – Sewer connections required, the property is required to connect to the public sewer system because the location of the land use proposal (single family building permit) is within 300 ft. of the public sewer connection.  In lieu of connecting to the public sewer, the applicant requested the variance to utilize a private septic system for the new single-family home. The site contains no environmentally critical areas.

Public Hearing Date: Public Hearing was held on Thursday, October 4, 2018, at 10:30 am at Covington City Hall. 

Notice of Appeal Rights:  Pursuant to Covington Municipal Code Section 14.30, a Type 3 decision by the Hearing Examiner is final unless appealed to the King County Superior Court. Appeals shall be filed and served within 21 days of the Notice of Final Decision in accordance with RCW 36.70 and CMC 14.45.040. There is no administrative appeal provided for this decision. Contact the Community Development Department at Covington City Hall to read or to ask about the procedures for appeals.

 The file may be reviewed at the City Hall Office located at 16720 SE 271st Street, Suite 100 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or viewed on Citizen’s Connect at Search by permit number: LU18-0019. Copies of the decision may be obtained from Permit Services or Citizen’s Connect. Any person may arrange to review the application file or request a copy of the decision by calling 253-480-2400 or contacting Permit Services via email at