Council Seeking to Appoint Pro & Con Committees for Proposed Advisory Ballot Measure

Covington City Council will soon be asking voters whether they want consumer fireworks banned in Covington or to have them remain legal. At the July 23 Regular City Council Meeting, council decided to place an advisory ballot measure on the November ballot to gauge the community’s thoughts on fireworks. 

Individuals who are interested in writing a pro or con statement to be included in the November voters’ pamphlet for an advisory ballot measure asking whether qualified voters recommend Covington City Council pass an ordinance prohibiting the sale, possession, and discharge of consumer fireworks at all times within the Covington city limits should contact the city by 5 p.m. on Monday, August 5, 2019 to express their interest.

The City of Covington has the responsibility to appoint committee members to prepare voters’ pamphlet statements in favor of and in opposition to the proposed advisory ballot measure. The committees are required to submit statements of no more than 200 words to King County Elections by August 13. King County Elections will then provide each committee with the opposing statement to prepare a rebuttal of no more than 75 words by August 15. These statements will be printed in the voters’ pamphlet to accompany the advisory ballot measure title and explanatory statement.

Only three individuals may be appointed to each committee. Interested individuals or anyone with questions or comments regarding this process should contact Covington City Clerk Sharon Scott at (253) 480-2405 or