City Council Passes Ordinance No. 09-2019 on July 9

An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Covington, King County, Washington concerning the Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review required by RCW 90.58.080(4); amending the Shoreline Element of the Comprehensive Plan; repealing the City of Covington’s Final Shoreline Master Program adopted by Exhibit B of Ordinance No. 04-11 and amending Covington Municipal Code Section 14.30.040 Decision Types; repealing and replacing Covington Municipal Code Chapter 16.05 Shoreline Master Program; and amending Covington Municipal Code Section 18.10.050 Interpretation - General, and Chapter 18.20 Definitions and Chapter 18.65 Critical Areas.

Passed by the City Council of Covington, Washington, at the City Council meeting of July 9, 2019 to take effect 14 days after Department of Ecology’s final action as provided by RCW 90.58.090(7).