Notice of Application and Comment Period Regarding Commercial Site Development & Major Tree Removal Permit

Application Name:                     
Station by Vintage
Commercial Site Development & Major Tree Removal Permit, LU19-0013/0071 & LU19-0017/0071

Primary Contact:                        
K. Sam Nystrom
W. 511 24th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99203

Application Submitted:             
August 21, 2019

Date of Complete Application: 
September 5, 2019

Notice of Application:                
September 13, 2019

Project Location:     
The subject property is located at 28020 Covington Way SE and 16820 SE Wax Road, Parcel Nos. 3622059043, and 3622059057, and is situated in the SW Quarter of NW ¼ of WA ¼ Section 36, Township 22N, Range 5E WM in the City of Covington, King County, WA.

Project Description:
The Developer is proposing to construct a five-story commercial building which will consist of a total of 200 living units and multi-story parking structure along with associated site improvements on two King County parcels in the Town Center (TC) zone. A deviation was submitted proposing exterior and interior ramps along units facing the street. This deviation will be reviewed concurrent with the commercial site development application. Water service will be provided by Covington Water District and sewer service will be provided by Soos Creek Water & Sewer District. Emergency services will be provided by City of Covington and Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. The site does not contain environmentally critical areas.

Comp Plan/Zoning Designation:     
The zoning designation is Town Center (TC).

Consistency with Applicable City Plans and Regulations:
This proposal will be reviewed for compliance with all applicable City of Covington ordinances; including Title 18-Zoning, Title 12-Design and Construction Standards, Title 13-Surface Water regulations, and applicable design requirements.

Other known permits not included in this Application:  
Engineering Phase Review, Clearing and Grading Permit, Building Permits (compliance with the International Building, Fire, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes); Certificates of Water and Sewer Availability; applicable Right-of-Way Permits from the City; issuance of other permits required by separate jurisdictions (i.e. CenturyLink, Puget Sound Energy, etc.); and any other permits as deemed necessary.

Comment Period:        
September 13, 2019 – October 4, 2019

This is a Type 2 Application in accordance with CMC 14.30.040, whereas the City of Covington Community Development Director issues the final decision for the Commercial Site Development application and is the SEPA official for the project. To make written comments, please mail, email, or hand-deliver specific comments to City Hall, Community Development Department, 16720 SE 271st Street, Suite 100, Covington, WA  98042, no later than October 4, 2019. Please contact Permit Services at 253-480-2400 or via email at with any questions or comments pertaining to this proposal. Project documents are available for reference online at Search by permit number (LU19-0013).