Pool Programs Open

The pool is open, but things will look very different for a while!

The Covington Aquatic Center is now open with limited, by-appointment-only programming. Opening is an incremental opening process, adding programs as governmental restrictions allow.  

For specific program information, CLICK HERE

  • If you are interested in registering for a program, day, or time, that is not yet available, please e-mail parks@covingtonwa.gov to be added to contact lists, and we will inform you as soon as registration is available
    • Pre-booking will be required for all programs in the initial phases, and registration will only be available online or over-the-phone. The physical front desk/office of the Covington Parks & Recreation Department will remain closed in the initial phases of re-opening.
    • Registration will be available online or over-the-phone.
    • Some other important notes:
  • Facemasks will be required for all participants at all times in the facility except while in the shower or in the pool, unless otherwise allowed by law (i.e. reasonable accommodation for hearing impaired)
  • The Locker Rooms will be one-way travel only, and participants must come during their arranged time
  • Participants may not enter the facility more than 10-minutes prior to their scheduled water time
  • Participants may not enter the locker room until cleared to do so (there will be a limit to the number of people in each locker room)
  • Participants should arrive in swimming suits (clothes may be worn over swimming suits, but locker room schedules will allow insufficient time to fully change)
  • Participants may remove their outer clothing in the locker room, and shower, but all belongings should go onto the pool deck (nothing should be left in the locker room, as it is for entry to the pool deck only – no return trip!)
  • Showers will be required for pool entry, but no showers will be available after exiting the water!
  • Only participants with an appointment (including adults providing in-water support for a registered student) may enter the facility during our initial re-opening phases, due to capacity constraints and safety regulations
    • Spectators will generally not be allowed; exceptions must be pre-approved by an Aquatics Specialist, and will be granted as a reasonable accommodation, if needed to support an in-water participant
      • If you would like to request an exception, please e-mail parks@covingtonwa.gov at the time of registration and no less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment
      • Siblings of registered participants and other children who will not be in the water during a given time may not attend as spectators
        • Capacity is being strictly limited, and we cannot provide supervision for unattended children
  • An adult may provide support to multiple students in the same swimming class under some circumstances, but we recommend coordinating with an Aquatics Specialist to ensure the best possible lane assignments and other arrangements
  • Participants will be given a Safety Briefing prior to their scheduled appointment time; this must be reviewed and a waiver must be signed by the participant or a parent/guardian (for minors)
  • Please e-mail us at parks@covingtonwa.gov with any questions regarding memberships