Covington Community Park Phase 2 Development

Updated 02/13/2019

Project Description
The second of three development phases for Covington Community Park. Major elements of the second phase that will be added to the park, include construction of a restroom and concession building, a stage, picnic shelters, additional parking, additional trail segments, a playground, an exercise area, a tennis court, wetland mitigation and street frontage improvements.

Covington Community Park, 17649 SE 240th Street, Covington WA 98042   

What's Open?
The following areas are now open to the general public. Please be aware that the finishing touches are still be completed in some of these areas.

  • Playground
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Trails
  • Tennis Court (also may be used for Pickle Ball)
  • Parking (including an electric vehicle charging station)
  • Exercise / Fitness Area
  • Grass / Lawn Area

What's Opening Soon?
The following areas are not yet open to the general public, but will be soon.

  • Restrooms

 This project is currently in the construction phase, but parts of the project that have been completed have been opened to the public (see above).

August 17, 2018:
 Ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of Margaret Harto Pavilion
August 22, 2017: 
Groundbreaking ceremony
July 25, 2017: 
City Council meeting - award construction contract
January 18, 2017: 
Parks and Recreation Commission meeting - design review
October 25, 2016: 
City Council meeting - 90% design review
September 21, 2016: 
Parks and Recreation Commission meeting - design review
September 21, 2016:
 Open house - design review
September 8, 2016: 
Arts Commission meeting - design review
April 14, 2016: 
Arts Commission meeting - design review
December 8, 2015: 
City Council meeting - design review
May 27, 2014:
 City Council meeting - 60% design review
March 25, 2014: Open house - design review
March 19, 2014: 
Parks and Recreation Commission meeting - design review
March 19, 2014:
 Open house - design review
2009-2013: Covington Community Park Phase 1 was designed and constructed
2008: Master plan for Covington Community Park was completed

$7,000,000 (80% of the project) Department of Commerce - The Taxpayers of Washington State
$500,000 (6%) Land Water Conservation Fund
$500,000 (6%) Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program
$704,000 (8%) City of Covington
$65,000 (1%) King County
$30,688 (<1%) King Conservation District

Additional Information

Staff Contact
Ethan Newton
Parks & Recreation Director
(253) 480-2400