SoCo Park

Updated 08/09/2017

Project Description
SoCo Park is named after its location in South Covington and is situated between Jenkins Creek and Wax Road in the newly developing downtown area of the city. This new park will provide neighborhood park service to new multifamily residences and an existing single family neighborhood. This project is a high priority as it helps address a significant shortage of neighborhood parks, is part of the town center vision and provides a critical connection for a future Jenkins Creek Trail.

Current development of this site will be limited to the demolition of the structures, installation of fencing and other basic land improvements to allow for public access to the site. The Green River Coalition is also helping with the project by removing invasive species and noxious weeds from the site. Future phases of developing this park will include additional land acquisition, design and construction.

SoCo Park, 17081 SE Wax Road, Covington WA 98042

$592,362 Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant
$357,257 King County CFT grant
$198,806 City of Covington General Fund
$36,300 City of Covington (King County Parks Levy)

Additional Information

Staff Contact
Ethan Newton
(253) 480-2400