Crystal View Park

icon-mappoint2CRYSTAL VIEW PARK
25412 170th Place SE, Covington, WA 98042

  • Open at sunrise and closed at sunset
  • ADA Access - Inclusive spaces
  • Natural Area - Wooded and wetland areas
  • Waterway - Adjacent to Little Soos Creek
  • Courts - Half-court basketball
  • Picnic Area - Two picnic tables
  • Play Equipment - Small playground for younger areas
  • Play Area - Small lawn areas
  • Bench/Seating - Available at the park
  • Trash Bins - Available at the park
  • Pet Waste Station - Available at the park
  • A 2-acre neighborhood park featuring a small playground, basketball half-court and a couple of picnic tables. Nearby street parking is available.

  • No projects at this time
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