Plans and Policies

Planning helps communities envision their future and enables them to create change in a meaningful and deliberate fashion to enrich people's lives. The following are planning documents and resources related to Covington's park system.

2018 Parks and Recreation Action Plan (2 MB PDF)

The annual work plan for the Parks and Recreation Department.

2018 Parks and Recreation Performance Report (1MB PDF)
The annual performance report for the Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) (1MB PDF)
The Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) lists all park and facility projects considered for the next 6-years. The majority of these projects entail the acquisition and development of parks, renovating or repairing existing facilities, and expanding trail corridors.

Parks, Recreation & Opens Space (PROS) Plan (53MB PDF)
The City's Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan establishes a road map for providing high quality, community-driven parks, trails, natural areas and recreation services throughout Covington. The most recent PROS Plan update was completed in 2016.

Urban Forestry Strategic Plan For Publicly-Managed Trees

As the city's population grows, development increases and thousands of trees have been planted along streets and in parks, conflicts with maturing trees and other maintenance issues require a reasonable and defensible strategic plan for responsible stewardship and management.