ePermit Review Process

ePermit - Electronic Plan Review
Covington now offers an ePermit electronic plan review process which, along with being better for the environment, offers substantial benefits to our building permit applicants including:

  • A convenient means of plan submittal. Just upload application documents to Citizens Connect at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Significantly reduces the costs associated with plotting and printing, compiling and assembling the drawings, as well as delivery expenses.
  • Provides a more precise and efficient means of communication with the Covington review staff. Review comments clearly indicate the area in question directly on the plan submittal.

How ePermit Works

The first step is to create and format the electronic plans and permit documents.  I
t is the applicant's responsibility to review the applicable submittal checklistePermit Naming ConventionePermit Plan Requirements and submit the plans in Citizens Connect. 

Once an application is submitted, Permit Staff will review it for completeness, formatting, project valuation, and proper file names.

If an application is determined to be incomplete, Permit Staff will contact the applicant to review outstanding items. Once all required application information is received and plan review fees are paid, the permit will be routed for review. Permit Staff will email the applicant confirmation that the permit has been routed for review.

Reviewers will notify the applicant with any correction items. The applicant will respond to correction items as directed by the reviewer and upload revised documents. Once all correction items are satisfied, Permit Staff will verify that the contractor registration is active and that the contractor has a valid City of Covington business license endorsement with the Business Licensing Service. Permit Staff will contact the applicant to pay any outstanding fees and provide instructions on issuing the permit. 

For more information, email permitservices@covingtonwa.gov.