Private Rentals


Reservations must be made prior to the rental. Facilities are booked by the hour, and payment must be received at the time of the reservation. To make a reservation, contact the Covington Aquatic Center.

Sundays: 2pm-5pm
Saturdays: 3pm-8pm

Use of the following equipment is included in a pool rental:
- "Big Red" the large inflatable octopus
- The "Magic Carpet" (the floating walkway)
- "Speedy McBlue" (the water slide)
- Diving Board
- Rope Swing
- Water Basketball
- Mats, Noodles, Inner Tubes, and Life Jackets

Use of the following equipment is available for an additional charge:
- Party Room

Pool Fees
Number of swimmers            General Fee            Covington Discounted Fee
1-25 swimmers                          $150                           $125
26-60 swimmers                        $195                           $160
61-90 swimmers                        $235                           $195
91-120 swimmers                      $260                           $215
121-151 swimmers                    $280                           $230

Party Room Fees
Party Room (1-25, 50 min)*       $45                             $35
*Party Room can be booked separately from the pool; 10 minutes following will be used to clean the room.