Inclement Weather Policy

Decision to Close the Covington Aquatic Center

During inclement weather, the Aquatics Manager will determine if the Aquatic Center is to be closed due to road conditions, power outages, or other hazards for the safety of the staff and public.  This determination will be made in regards to the safety of road conditions, other hazards, and the ability to adequately staff the Aquatic Center.  The following will be considered when making this decision:

  • Ability to staff the Aquatic Center
  • Input from the City’s Public Works Staff
  • Kent and Tahoma School District delays and cancellations
  • Immediate weather conditions and local weather forecasts

Public Notice

The public shall be informed of this procedure by posting the following on the City’s website (Covington Aquatic Center webpage), registration receipts, and at the Aquatic Center.

During inclement weather, the Aquatic Center may close due to road conditions or other hazards.  To check to see if the Aquatic Center is closed, visit online. You can also check our Facebook page, for regular updates!