204th Ave Update - FAQs

October 29 204thOpenHouseFlyer204th Ave SE Update - Frequently Asked Questions
The city receives frequent questions about improvement to the 204th Ave SE roadway and the developments happening along its corridor. This webpage is intended to provide information to answer those questions (current as of Oct 2018).

Additional questions related to roadway construction contact:  Bob Lindskov, City Engineer at 253-480-2467/ blindskov@covingtonwa.gov. 

What is the history and current condition of 204th?
204th Ave SE from SE 272nd St (SR 516) to SE 264th was established by reciprocal easements by the original property owners back in October of 1967 as a 60-foot wide roadway and utility easement for mutual benefit. The recorded easement states that the property owners or their successors will deed the 60-foot strip of land to King County at such time that the County will agree to received and maintain a county road over this strip of land. 204th Ave SE currently exists with a mixture of dedicated right of way and easement rights for access. Each fronting parcel has dedicated a consistent 30-feet upon development creating a 60-foot wide corridor.

204th Ave SE starts at SE 272nd (SR 516/Kent Kangley Road) and goes north past SE 261st Place to the Covington Water District water tower. Extension of 204th Ave SE further north is currently underway as part of the require improvements for the Maple Hills Subdivision. (As part of future development of the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea, 204th Ave SE will be extended north and west to connect with SE 256th St at SR 18.)

204th Ave SE is currently developed as a 22-foot wide paved roadway with several vertical curves. The roadway currently operates as a two lane local access street with a 5-foot pedestrian pathway on the westside and minimal shoulders on the eastside.

What will 204th Ave SE look like in the future? click to view 204th Roadway Improvements
When the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea (Hawk Property) is developed, 204th Ave SE will be extended north through the subarea and connect with SE 256th St. at SR 18. Design and the specific location of the roadway has not yet been finalized through the subarea. The Hawk Property Planned Action EIS also contains a list of city-wide improvements necessary to accommodate the development of the Lakepointe Urban Village which will be the responsibility of the developer to fund. 

Improvements to 204th Ave SE, between SE 272nd St and the subarea, will include a 68-foot right- of-way with a 46-foot paved three lane roadway section (two travel lanes, a center turn lane, and bike lanes), 5-foot sidewalk on each side, and a 5-foot planter strip between the roadway and sidewalk. These improvements are anticipated to be completed as part of the Covington Connector. However, if funding for the Covington Connector is not forth coming from the state, by August 7, 2020, the developer of Maple Hills Subdivision will construct the required 204th Ave SE improvements through their subdivision.

Additional improvements, such as a traffic signal at SE 272nd St and 204th Ave SE, bus turnouts, and center turn lane from SE 272nd St onto 204th Ave SE, will be evaluated and installed (as warranted); all improvements directly related to or impacting SE 272nd St are determined by WSDOT in consultation with the city.

When the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea (Hawk Property) is developed, 204th Ave SE will be extended north through the subarea and connect with SE 256th St. at SR 18. Design and specific location of the roadway has not yet been designed through the subarea. The Hawk Property Planned Action EIS also contains a list of city-wide improvements necessary to accommodate the development of the Lakepointe Urban Village.

It is important to understand that the City of Covington does not control improvements to SE 272nd St., as it is a designated highway under WSDOT control. Citizens are encouraged to contact WSDOT with comments regarding this intersection and needed improvements.

Current status of planned improvements on 204th Ave SE?
In 2015, the Washington State Legislator awarded the city $24 million, split between the 2019 and 2021 State budget, for a project identified as the Covington Connector (204th Ave SE from 272nd St to SE 256th St.). Full completion of the Covington Connector is not likely to be completed until after 2021, based on current state funding.

   Tentative Schedule:     Design Phase - Complete in Late 2018/Early 2019  
Right-of-Way Phase - End of 2018/Early 2019
Construction (1st Phase) - 2019-2020
Construction (2nd Phase) - 2020-2021
  City Contact:    Robert Lindskov, City Engineer  

  Phone:    253-480-2467 

  Email:    blindskov@covingtonwa.gov 

When will a signalized intersection be installed at the intersection of 204th Ave SE?
SE 272nd Street (aka SR 516/ Kent-Kangley Road) is a Highway of Regional Significance and is maintained by WSDOT. Improvements on SE 272nd Street are determined and overseen by WSDOT which coordinates with the city as improvements become necessary. The city is working closely with WSDOT as it relates to the increased development along SE 204th Ave SE and the public’s concerns with the current configuration of the intersection at SE 272nd St.

The city’s Public Works Department will be working with WSDOT during the design process to determine if a signal is warranted prior to the completion of the Covington Connector (i.e. 204th Ave Se extended from SE 272nd St north and through the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea to SE 256th St.). However, a signal was identified as required with the development anticipated in the Hawk Property Subarea Plan (now known as the Lakepointe Urban Village) in the Hawk Property Planned Action EIS and it is anticipated that a signalized intersection will be included with the full improvements required for the Covington Connector project.

What are the current land use activities occurring along 204th Ave SE? 
Maple Hills 
At the north end of 204th Ave SE (up by the water tower) is the Maple Hills 243 lot subdivision: 

     • Phase 1 = 93 single family homes 
     • Phase 2 = 56 single family homes 
     • Phase 3 = 79 single family homes 
     • Phase 4 = 14 single family homes                                          
Homes are currently under construction in Phase 1. Phase 2 street improvements are complete and home construction is expected to start soon. Phase 3 has received Preliminary Plat approval and a Notice to Proceed with Improvements/Engineering (includes clearing and grading) was issued  August 8, 2017. Phase 4 is under city review.

(Phase 1 & 2 of this subdivision are vested to King County RS-9600 zoning; Phase 3 is being reviewed under existing Covington R-4 zoning and Phase 4 is being reviewed under R-6 zoning) 

Cedar Creek Parke 
At the SW corner of the intersection of 204th Ave SE and SE 262nd Street is a newly proposed 82 lot subdivision in the R-4 zoning district has received Preliminary Plat Approval and Notice to Proceed Improvements/Engineering was issued on August 8, 2017. 

Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea (aka Hawk Property Subarea) 
In 2014, the Covington City Council approved a subarea plan, associated code, and comprehensive plan amendments after extensive public outreach and involvement. As part of this review the city prepared a Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement (Planned Action EIS) to review potential impacts of the development envisioned in the subarea plan and identify mitigation measures. This initial planning work will guide future development in the 212 acre subarea as it is redeveloped from a gravel mine to a mixed use urban village. The subarea plan and Planned Action EIS looked at development that would include up to 1,500 housing units and 850,000 sq. ft. of commercial development. 

On November 21, 2016, the city received an application for a Development Agreement associated with a Zoning Map Amendment and Boundary Line Adjustment.  At the City Council meeting on April 25, 2017, councilmembers unanimously passed Ord. 02-2017.

At this time the existing asphalt batch plant is continuing operation and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources is overseeing the Surface Mine Reclamation Permit #70-011069(Black River S&G) they issued in 2016, which authorizes surface mine reclamation within the Lakepointe Urban Village Subarea. 

A requirement in the Hawk Property Planned Action (Ordinance # 14-04), is that 204th Ave SE will be improved by the developer as a 2 to 3 lane arterial between SE 272nd St connecting to SE 256th Street at its intersection with SR 18.